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Bucket List Hikes

These are the hikes on the Australian 'to do' list. Please shout out if you've got one to recommend and if you'd like to come along on any of these adventures - always looking for new hiking buddies.

Victorian Hikes

160km. 13 days. Starting at Mount Zero through to Dunkeld in VIC. Looking at doing this one in one go and most likely using a tour provider to give food drops (although I'm open to the challenge of seeing if I can go lightweight enough to carry it all - water will be the deciding factor I reckon).

11km. Grade 5 hike. Approximately 3 hours duration.

10km. Grade 3 Hike. 4.5 hour duration. Recommended to walk anti-clockwise to enjoy a long stretch of downhill on the tail end of the hike.

8.2km. Grade 4 Hike. Approximately 4 hours duration. Swimming opportunity at Graham's Dam.

4.25km. Grade 3 Hike. Approximately 90minutes duration, leaving from the Mount Erica capark. It comprises a short section of the Australian Alpine Walking Track in Baw Baw National Park.  Beech Gully Nature Walk also leaves from the Mount Erica carpark and is a 30-minute return loop - worth doing.

18km single direction. Grade 4 hike. Starts at Angusvale and ends at the Den of Nargun Picnic Area. Plan is to complete the full hike as an overnight by camping at Billy Goats Bend, or split it up into day hikes. **Have already completed the Den of Nargun > Billy Goats Bend & back end as a day hike as wasn't able to coordinate a car pool. This took 6 hours for 9km total. Need to complete the Angusvale end.

110km, one-way. Approximately 8 days duration. Starting from Apollo Bay and continuing until you reach the 12 Apostles. You can camp the whole way at dedicated campsites or book accomodation along the way.

30km, one-way. Approximately 8 hours duration (one-way). Starting from Cape Schanck to Gunnamatta Beach.

36.5km. Grade 4 Hike. Approximately 2-3 days duration. This is considered one of the least crowded walks on Wilson's Prom (hence the appeal!)

Tasmanian Hikes

Dove Lake Circuit

6km circuit hike.

Pine Valley

Summit the Acropolis and the Labyrinth - walking all the way to the end of the marked trails.

Including the following sidetrips: Lake Will, Mount Pelion East, Barn Bluff, Old Pelion Hut and walking out via the Echo Beach campsite.

23km for circuit (excluding Mt Jerusalem climb). Grade 4. Approximately 3 days duration. Walk needs to be completed in a clockwise direction from Wild Dog Creek to Lake Adelaide. Multiple side trips are possible to extend the walk and see everything there is to see.

Maria Island Hikes

Specifically to conquer Mount Maria, the Bishop & Clerk peaks, do McRaes Isthmus walk, camp at Robey's Farm and see the Fossil cliffs.

85km. 6-8 days. Considered one of the hardest tracks in Tasmania.

New south Wales Hikes

45km circuit hike. 5-6 days. Located on Lord Howe Island.

30km one-way. Grade 4 track.  2 days. Located in the Beowa National Park. It traverses the land between Boyds Tower and the Green Cape Lightstation.

55km one-way.Grade 5 track. 3-4 days. Only 30 hikers can be on this trail at any time.

45km one-way. Grade 5 track. Approx. 3 days. This is only for people experienced with navigation as most of the walk is unsigned through wilderness and tracks can be very vague.

31.2km one-way. 2 days.

Western Australia Hikes

123km, one-way. Grade 4 Track. Approximately 5-7 days duration. It runs between the lighthouses at Cape Naturaliste and Leeuwin.

1000km, one-way. 6-8 week duration if completed all in one go (can be completed in sections). Hiking not recommended between December and March (too hot). Beginning in Kalamunda and ending in Albany.

9km. Best hiked between May and October.  The trail is closed between November and March. It follows the Murchison River and includes the well known Nature's Window as a highlight of the track.

45km of trails around the island. Highlight - see a quokka!

6.5km. Grade 4 Hike. 3-4 hour dunation. Summit is 1098m above sea level. Sunrise/sunset summits are common as there are 360deg. views and you can often see clouds roll in below you.

3km return . Grade 5 hike. Approximately 1-3 hours. Frenchman's Peak is 262m tall.

south Australia Hikes

61km. 5 days. Best completed March to December. Currently only licensed tour operators can traverse the track due to recent bush fires. Wait for this to re-open to general public.

89km. Grade 5 Hike. Approximately 5 days duration. Located in the Lincoln National Park. Made up of a number of day hikes with campsites inbetween.

1200km. Approximately 60 days. Australia's longest hiking trail. Trail is closed December through to April (fire risk). Users are required to be adept at navigation and be completely self-sufficient.

Northern Territory Hikes

230km, one-way. Starts at Alice Springs Telegraph Station and continues until Mt. Sonder. Trail is divided into 12 sections, each taking 1-2 days to walk. Maps are available to purchase from Parks NT, which make the planning process much easier. Best time to walk is April-August.

62km, one-way.Grade 4 Track. 5-6 days duration. Starts at Nitmiluk Gorge and ends at Edith Falls. Structured hike - you cannot stay more than one night at each campsite. Can be walked between June and September.

39km circuit track. Grades 3-4. Duration is 3-5 days. You must camp at one of three campsites.

Queensland Hikes

90km, one-way. 6-8 days duration. Starts in Dilli Village and ends in Happy Valley. A ferry can be arranged to drop you at the trailhead.

87km. Circuit hike. Approximately 6-7 days to complete. Water is available at all five campsites and you can stay a maximum of two nights per camp. Camping permits and fees apply.

54km, one-way. Grade 4. Approximately 3 days duration. It is a World Heritage area protecting nearly all of the remaining Antarctic Beech temperate rainforest in Australia. 

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