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Can't resist the lure of a challenge

G'day, I'm Jess. I'm in my thirties and am determined to live a long and healthy life. I'm a firm believer in learning how to do things yourself and taking responsibility for your future. When I needed personal training, I got qualified as one. When I took up yoga, I started an instructors get the drift. I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Food & Nutrition and applying lessons learned to hiking so that I can eat better, go harder, and hike longer. In 2022 the health journey got a bit more complicated with a Lupus diagnosis which has involved some adjustments but isn't holding me back. I'm using this blog to share my hiking progress, with a bit of nutrition, yoga, and whatever else crops up along the way.


I've been deliberately hiking since 2017. Before that I was training for a marathon... until I broke one of my feet running. I was advised to hang up my running shoes for good and unceremoniously told that I run 'like an elephant' and that if I kept it up I would have more broken feet in the future. I turned to hiking instead by committing to an Everest Base Camp trek (yep zero to one hundred - that's me!) and have never looked back. Given my proclivity for injuries, the type of hiking I gravitated towards was ultralight hiking - carrying the least amount possible while still being prepared for all the obstacles nature can (and does) throw your way. 

Since then I've tackled day hikes in the Faroe Islands, the 7-day Overland Track in Tasmania, and a 120km solo hike in Swedish Lapland - among many others. Why do I like it? Aside from the satisfaction of being completely self-sufficient and the euphoria of conquering a challenge - it's all about the mental gains. You cannot reach the top of a mountain while thinking downhill thoughts. Hiking trains you to be your best self on multiple fronts simultaneously, time slows down, and you realise how truly insignificant but incredibly capable you are. It rocks. 


  • Certificate 3 Fitness, Personal Training Academy - 2020

  • Certificate IV Nutrition, VAST Academy - 2021

  • Performance Nutrition Coach Lvl 1, Clean Health - 2021

  • 200HR Teacher Training, Yoga Renew - 2024 (in progress)


  • Diploma of Food Science (Nutrition) - 2020

  • Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) - 2021

  • Bachelor of Food Science (Nutrition) - 2024 (in progress)

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