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Eggjarklettur Summit Nolsoy Island

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Approximately 20 minutes by boat from Torshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands, lies Nolsoy Island. It is 10 square kilometres in size, home to approximately 200 people living in colourful houses and delightfully rugged. (In winter storms waves actually crash over it's narrowest point and cut the island in two - conveniently right where the free campsite is located haha! Lucky the weather on my visit wasn't too extreme...) The hike I was chasing on Nolsoy was the summit of its tallest mountain - Eggjarklettur, a 5km round trip to a height of 372m.

The trail begins before you realise as it's essentially a continuation of the main road through town. You'll pass the old ruins of Korndalur and see plenty of shaggy sheep as the road turns to mud and starts to curl upwards.

Follow the rocky cairns until you're about halfway up the mountain. At this point the cairns will lead you around the mountain towards the lighthouse at Bordan so you'll want to depart the trail and start walking uphill. Supposedly there is a path directly up Eggjarklettur - but no one I've come across knows exactly where it is! You'll also want to make sure to take a few breaks and turn around to enjoy the epic view unfolding behind you.

The terrain underfoot is boggy and wet and you'll need to keep your eyes on your feet. It's also riddled with streams and these can easily be the width of your boot but the depth of your knees in places so they aren't to be trifled with if you value your ankles. The day I summited was extremely windy and you are 100% exposed - there are no trees or windbreaks so you want to rug up very warm. It's deceptively steep and one of those hikes that you constantly believe you're minutes from finishing... for hours.

But the views at the top are worth it and you're rewarded with a number of celebratory rocky cairns to mark the spot. On a clear day it's possible to see upwards of seven islands all around you but unfortunately I was there on a particularly foggy one so didn't get that experience this time.

Overall the hike took about 4 hours, with a few minutes spent gallivanting around up the top enjoying the hard earned views. It was a moderate hike - you'll definitely be out of breath but it's manageable for most if you take your time and watch your step.

A great highlight of this hike is that finishing it lands you right back in town where you can enjoy a pint at Maggie's, laze on a clifftop to watch the waves roll in and then retire to your campsite with the best views in town. Nolsoy is a thoroughly relaxing island and has a few more hikes to offer - definitely keen for another visit.


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